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  • Mary from Orlando, FL says, Getting cash for my books was so easy with The cash couldn't have come at a better time! Mary from Orlando, FL
  • Ed from Akron, OH says, I had a whole bookcase full of books that I wasn't reading. I got a great quote from! I sent them in and received cash almost instantly. Ed from Akron, OH
  • Steve from Storrs, CT says, I was tired of standing in the college bookstore line. I gave the ISBNS and got a higher quote than from the college bookstore! And I didn't have to stand in line! It was so easy and efficient.
  • Julie from Las Vegas, NV says, I had a few books laying around the house that I had already read. What a great deal I got from!
  • Fred from McKinney, TX says, After retiring as a teacher, I had quite a few books left that I had bought for my classroom. I received a better than expected quote. I mailed the books in and received some easy cash.
  • Holly I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for finding your website. You have the best prices for used books that I have found on the internet and as an added bonus you are animal lovers and support animal shelters. I will put my books together and soon begin doing business with a green/animal friendly company that I am happy to do business with!
  • Pat from Tennessee WOW! The person, or persons, who designed this site is, or are, "thinkers." I've tried three other sites and they just fall way short of MyBookCart. Your site gives sellers a chance to get a higher buy-back price by listing the condition of our books. Your site sends a pre-paid mailing label; all I had to do was hand package to my postal clerk, and he placed it in outgoing mail. Easy as 1-2-3. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to sell my books and get great prices. Y'all are AMAZING!
  • Mel from Maryland I could not let this opportunity pass to tell you that you have a fantastic website. Clean, quick, efficient and immensely user friendly. Since this is my first shipment to you, I am looking forward to a long business relationship.
  • Jean from Methuen, MA Your book buyback website works perfectly for me and is as easy as possible. I have been telling everyone I know.
  • Marion from SCSU, New Haven, CT Your website is well detailed. It was easy to sell back my textbooks.
  • Jen from Sicklerville, NJ I have received the check you sent me and appreciate it very much. I will tell others of your site and hope to do business with you again in the future.
  • John L. from Indiana Wesleyan says I heard about MyBookCart from my University. They said MyBookCart is great for selling textbooks that are still in good condition.


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