Sell Law Books

If you are looking to attend or are already attending Law School, you met a number of requirements to be accepted, which are: Undergraduate degree from accredited college or university, GPA, LSAT, Letters of Recommendation, and Personal Statement. Law School is not easy to get into. It’s very competitive. Once you’ve been accepted and enrolled in classes, you will soon find that law textbooks are expensive. To save money on your law textbooks, buy them used online, and once you are finished with them, sell your law books back to for cash. will buy your law school books. Enter in your textbooks’ ISBNs into the search box below to receive quotes for your school books. Complete the checkout process and print your free shipping label. Once your books have been received and processed, payment will be issued by check or PayPal.

There are a number of courses that a law student takes, such as legal method, civil procedure, contracts, constitutional law, criminal law and criminal procedure, legal writing, property law and torts. All of these classes require law textbooks for each subject. In additional attending classes, you may also be required to participate in additional activities, such as mock trials and debates.

Foundation courses for law schools include: administrative law, evidence, civil litigation, professional responsibility, commercial law, corporations, family law, taxation, and wills and trusts. In additional to the core classes, students can also branch out into criminal procedure, international law, labor law, environmental law, conflicts of law, and jurisprudence. Once you graduate from law school, there are any number of opportunities and disciplines your practice of law can focus on. After law school graduation, sell your used law books to to receive cash for the books you will no longer need.