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If you are interested in and enjoy science, there are a variety of Biology programs that you can major in, such as: general biology, marine biology, biochemistry, botany, zoology, ecology, microbiology, molecular & cell biology, pre-medical studies and others. If you are attending school for any of these degrees, you are well aware that biology textbooks can be expensive. Resell your used biology textbooks by typing in the ISBNs of your books into the search box below. will give offers on your biology textbooks and buy them from you. Shipping is free and payment is by check or PayPal.

If you graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, a common area of work is in the research lab. College graduates start out as research assistants, researching anything from vaccines to biologics to medical tests and assays. If you obtain a master’s degree in biology, you can be more in a manager role working for biotech and pharmaceutical companies. also buys graduate level textbooks!

There is a large variety of disciplines in Biology, but the scientific method is the same throughout. Scientific tests are conducted with the same overlying principle and data is gathered and analyzed in a similar manner. Obtaining a B.S. in Biology will teach you how to apply scientific methods to research work. Once you have graduated with a B.S. in Biology, sell back your used biology textbooks to