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Students studying for a political science major will take classes on comparative politics, political economics, geography, history, psychology, anthropology, economics, sociology, political theory, public administration, public policy, philosophy, microeconomics, law, American government, western political thought, and others. Political science encompasses the systems of governance and the understanding of political activities, thoughts and behavior. It is a social science. If you are a political science major and are looking for cash for your books, sell your used textbooks to Type in your college books’ ISBNs into the search box below to see how much is buying your textbooks for. Shipping is free and cash is paid by check or PayPal. Sell used textbooks for cash to

Students who study economics and graduate with an economics degree have various job opportunities available to them such as: policy analyst, legislative assistant, public relations specialist, social media manager, marketing research analyst, political consultant, intelligence analyst, and political campaign staff. Some students major in political science and then go on to law school to become an attorney. Having a good understanding of political science will make you a good public attorney. Many political science majors will work in government, working directly with constituents in a public role. If you are taking these classes and are looking to sell your used textbooks, sell your used college books for cash to

Some students opt to go onto graduate school after obtaining an undergraduate political science degree. There are three specializations when obtaining a political science master’s degree: master of public administration, master of public policy, and master of public affairs. If working internationally is your goal, you can work as a public affairs analyst or as an ambassador. If you are finished with your political science classes and are looking to sell back your books for cash, sell your used college books using’s textbook buyback website. Selling used textbooks has never been easier.