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Physics has a big impact on our lives. Students who pursue a college degree in physics can work as data analysts, laser engineers, optical engineers, lab technicians, web developers, systems analysts, high school physics teachers, IT consultants, design engineers, applications engineers, accelerator operators, and others. Classes that a physics major takes include materials science, calculus, electromagnetic theory, classical mechanics, gravity, mathematical methods, quantum physics, computational biology, abstract algebra and thermodynamics. If you have finished with any of these classes, sell your used textbooks to for top dollar. will buy your textbooks and pay you by check or PayPal. Type in your books’ ISBNs into the search box to see how much is buying your college books for. Shipping is free. Sell textbooks for cash to

Quite a few physics majors go on to advanced studies, obtaining their master’s degree of PhD in physics, math, engineering, or astronomy. Some universities that offer advanced degrees in physics, math, engineering, or astronomy are: Cornell, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Texas A&M, Yale, University of California, Penn State University. Some students get an undergraduate physics degree and an advanced degree in astronomy or engineering. If you are pursuing a master’s degree in physics or astronomy, also buys graduate level textbooks!

Physics is considered a STEM field. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These fields of studies are in high demand across various industries. The automotive industry is also looking to hire physics majors. The automotive industry is hiring engineers, designers, and data scientists with physics degrees. If you have graduated from college or are still in college pursuing your physics degree, sell your used textbooks to for top dollar.