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There is a diverse field of study when it comes to deciding on an engineering degree. Different fields of engineering study include: computer engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, architectural engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, biomedical engineering and chemical engineering. Successful graduates in computer engineering can find work in telecommunications, networking, software application and other development applications. Environmental engineering is very applicable as it involves the study of science and engineering to improve our environment. A chemical engineer can work in the food or product industry testing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages and cleaners. If you are going to college for an engineering degree, will buy back your used textbooks for cash. Type in your college books’ ISBN number into the search box below to receive buyback quotes for your books. Shipping is free and cash is paid by check or PayPal. Sell textbooks for cash to

Engineers are in high demand across various industries. Engineering impacts everyone’s lives from computers, to buildings, to roads, to food, to medicine, to airplanes, to rocks and soil. Some students decide to pursue a master’s degree in engineering. Two fields of study that offer a substantial boost in salary when obtaining a master’s degree is materials engineering and biomedical engineering. Materials engineers serve an important role in the development of new processes and technologies. Biomedical engineers with a graduate degree earn about 48% more than their peers with an undergraduate degree. buys graduate level engineering textbooks for top dollar.

Students who graduate with a petroleum engineering degree are some of the highest paid engineers working in private industry. Petroleum engineers are also known as gas engineers. The median salary of a petroleum engineer is about $120,000. A petroleum engineering positon requires a degree in petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering or chemical engineering. If you have graduated from college or are still in college pursuing your engineering degree, sell your used college books to for top dollar.’s textbook buyback program will buy your used engineering books.