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Two Important Dogs

Welcome to! We thank you for taking the opportunity to sell us your books. was started when some of our family and friends were wondering what to do with their used books. Most people don't want to throw books away, so what do you do with them? We already owned a used bookstore Mediabuster Books, so we thought "why not give people cash for their books through a convenient online website!" You now have at your fingertips a no hassle way of receiving cash for your books. We offer the highest prices in the industry, and there are no lines or hassles. Shipping to us is free and easy.

MediaBuster Books is located in scenic Deep River, CT. We have been selling used books since 2003. We have had thousands of satisfied customers. was started in early 2009. Throughout our years of selling used books, we understand what customers want: Fair price quotes, fast payment, good communication, excellent customer service, and an easy to use website. Each day we strive try to find new ways to exceed your expectations.

Here at we sincerely care about our environment. We pride ourselves in being a GREEN company. The Green Press Initiative (GPI) and the Book Industry Study Group recently released a landmark study measuring the environmental impact of the U.S. book publishing industry. Monitoring publishing activity in 2006, which saw 4.15 billion books produced, the study found the industry's annual carbon footprint to be 12.4 million metric tons (or 8.85 pounds of carbon per book)! By buying and selling us your used books YOU are helping to prevent waste and to protect our environment.

We would also like to send a shout out of thanks to all serving in our Armed Forces. Without you we wouldn't have the freedom we enjoy in this country. The owners of understand the sacrifice you make daily as one of us has served overseas in Afghanistan. Again, THANK YOU for your service!

Two important dogs have also helped us in making our company what it is today. One has even lent his name to our bookstore - Buster! His sidekick is named Britt who came to us from Louisiana. They were both homeless until we adopted them. There are so many homeless dogs and cats that deserve loving homes. Please support your local animal shelter!

If you are looking to buy books, visit here.