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Buy Cheap Textbooks from Mybookcart. We are pleased to announce that we have launched an online bookstore where you can now buy cheap textbooks for college.  Buy quality used textbooks at discount prices.  Visit our discount textbook bookstore to save 90% off your college books!

Succeeding in Law School and Becoming a Licensed Attorney. Brandy talks with Mybookcart owner Hanna and Cari about her educational journey to becoming a licensed attorney.  She discusses the requirements of getting into law school.  She provides detailed advice about studying for and passing the LSAT exam.  The law school format is very different than other continuing education programs.  With the first year curriculum (you're called a 1L), everyone around the country is going to essentially take the same classes.  In the second and third year, you can spend time studying an area of law that you find more interesting.  Brandy decided on a concentration in criminal law.  Listen to the conversation HERE.

Studying For A Nursing Degree While Being A Parent. College Talks hosts Hanna and Cari interview Larissa who offers advice on attending college for a bachelor's degree in nursing while also raising children and working a full time job.  She is currently attending the University of Rhode Island.  Larissa also talks about how she is paying for college, her purpose for getting her bachelor's in nursing, and how she manages to study while being a parent of two six year olds.  Listen Here.

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June 2020 - First College Talks Podcast Episode Released. The first podcast episode titled "Studying For a Nurse Practitioner Degree - An Interview with May" has been released.   This episode is part of the College Talks series brought to you by  This series brings together students, parents, and professionals sharing their voices on a variety of college topics - it’s all about students finding the information they need for a successful college experience.  Listen to it here.

Launch of our College Talks Podcast. Are you a current college student, recent graduate, college parent, or professional who enjoys helping others? We invite you to be a guest on our College Talks Podcast.  Our goal is to create a platform where we provide information on various topics relating to college from the student’s perspective – students helping students.  Apply to be a guest on our College Talks Podcast by completing our application form

2019 Big Connect Business Expo. will be at the Big Connect Business Expo in New Haven, CT.  Stop by to learn how to sell textbooks online and get cash for books.  Selling your textbooks using our online textbook buyback is easy.  Type in your book's ISBN number for instant buyback quotes.  Return shipping is free and payment is fast.  Save time and get more money by skipping the bookstore lines and selling college books to Has Moved To New Facility. After experiencing growth the last few years, has moved into a new facility located in Deep River, Connecticut.  The facility, located on Industrial Park Rd. will benefit students by allowing more textbooks to be bought back through the textbook buyback service.  The service provides an easy to use alternative to the college bookstore offering more money for a larger variety of college books. Joins Middlesex Chamber of Commerce. is now a member of the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce.  If you are a college student attending Wesleyan University, CCSU, SCSU, Quinnipiac University, Post University, Westconn, UConn, or Sacred Heart University, skip your college bookstore's textbook buyback lines and sell your textbooks to will buy your college books for higher buyback prices and return shipping is free.   Type in your book's ISBN number to get instant buyback quotes for your college books.  See why is the best textbook buyback.

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Emergency Care (13th Edition), ISBN 9780134024554
Microeconomics (10th Edition),  ISBN 9781259655500
Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses (15th Edition), ISBN 9780803657052
Culture Counts (4th Edition), ISBN 
Signing Naturally Unit 1-6 (Rev Edition), ISBN 9781581212211 

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