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Sociology is the study of human social relationships and societies. A student who graduates with a sociology degree can work human services administration, counseling, journalism, public office, law enforcement, corrections, social work or education. A sociology major can also be a good fit for working in business, especially human resources. Government agencies also hire sociologists. If you are in college studying sociology, will buy your textbooks at the end of the semester. Type in your college books’ ISBNs into the search box below to see how much is buying your textbooks for. Shipping is free and cash is paid by check or PayPal. Sell textbooks for cash to

If you are pursuing a sociology degree, you can expect to take classes in these disciplines: economics, organizational communication, microeconomics, small group communication, business, religion, social inequality, history, race and ethnicity, sex and gender, social relations, aging, sociological theory, city and urbanization, law, human rights, politics. If you have finished taking these classes, sell your used textbooks to’s textbook buyback program will purchase your used books for cash.

Obtaining a master’s degree in sociology can open some more opportunities for work such as: case manager, human services educator, college instructor, drug and alcohol counselor, sociological researcher, geriatric social worker, school social worker, community service manager. If you want to work in government, getting a master’s degree in sociology would be beneficial. buys graduate level textbooks. Type in your used books ISBNs’ into the search box below to see how much cash is buying your books for.