Criminal Law Today, 6th Edition


  • By: Schmalleger, Frank; Hall, Daniel
  • 6th Edition | 2016 | Paperback
  • ISBN is 9780134163734 / 0134163737
  • Publisher: Pearson

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Criminal Law Today, 6th Edition provides the student a detailed overview of criminal law concepts, including the nature and history of criminal law, the modern U.S. legal system, criminal liability and the essence of crime, strict liability and Mens Rea, expanding the concept of crime, justifications as defense, the process of affirmative defenses, gun rights, defenses of excuses and insanity, how widely used the insanity defense is, crimes against persons such as homicide, negligent homicide, and property and computer crimes, among others. This textbook is direct and concise with systematic content designed to engage today’s student through visually engaging content. There is a wide variety of assignment types that help students master criminal law concepts & build real-world working capability. Criminal Law Today, 6th Edition goes into crimes against public order, crimes against the administration of government, environmental crimes, offenses against public morality, crimes against public decency and morality, terrorism and human trafficking, victims and law, and punishment and sentencing. A chapter is broken down into crimes against extending criminal liability with Inchoate offenses and parties to crime. Buy the textbook Criminal Law Today, 6th Edition and be confident in your criminal law education and career.

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