All books being sold back to Mybookcart must be at least in “Good” condition to qualify for the offer being quoted.  A book in “Good” condition would have:

1. No water or liquid damage to the book cover or pages.

2. A binding that is tight, intact, and not broken, loose, or torn.

3. No excessive highlighting, doodling, or writing.

4. A cover that is not frayed, chewed, or excessively worn.

5. Answers that are not completed or filled in if the book is a workbook.

Examples of Books in Unacceptable Condition

Water or Liquid Damage

Broken, Torn or Loose Bindings

Excessive Highlighting

Frayed, Chewed, or Excessively Worn Covers

If Mybookcart receives a book that is not in “good” condition, a reduced offer or no offer may be made.  Please make every effort to inspect your book prior to shipping in your buyback order.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the condition of your book, please take a picture of your book, and send it to [email protected].  We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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