Humans helping Humans – we can all help each other. The humans we interview give their time, knowledge and experience. The humans that work at are taking all the information we get and transforming it into valuable blog posts and podcast episodes for all of our customers (also humans) and for you. Yes you, and as far as I know you are also human. All the humans that read our blog and listen to our podcast, is how humans help  We hope that you will find a topic that either interests or helps you. Our blog and Podcast Mybookcart & More has something for everyone, notice the & MORE.

  • From Picking your College to Grad School
  • From Finding a Job to Financial Advice
  • From Bullying to Choose Love
  • From Students to Parents
  • From American Ninja Warrior to Beer
  • From Adulting 101 to The State of Science
  • From I Don’t Wanna Die Poor to The Pale Faced Lie

I could go on and on but instead could you take a look and let me know what you think. We can all help each other. We are all about Humans helping Humans!

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