Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is Mybookcart a legitimate business?

Yes, Mybookcart is a legitimate business!  Mybookcart has been in operation for over 14 years, and we have been actively buying and selling books during that time.  Mybookcart has bought back tens of thousands of used textbooks, paying out over a million dollars for textbooks!

2.  Is the return shipping free when selling my textbooks?

Yes, Mybookcart provides a pre-paid shipping label for all textbook buybacks that have an offer total over $15.00.  The shipping label can be printed at the end of the checkout process.

3.  How is payment issued when I sell back my textbooks?

Payment is issued either by check or PayPal.  You can select your payment option during the buyback checkout process.

4.  How fast will I get paid for my used textbooks when selling them back?

After your books are marked as Received at our facility, payment will be issued in 3-5 business days after being inspected and processed.

5.  My book has some water damage.  Will you still buy it?

Mybookcart does not purchase books with water damage.  Please do not attempt to sell back books with water damage.

6.  I have multiple books of the same title.  How many of my books will you purchase?

We have a quantity limit of two books per title per household.  Please do not submit multiple orders in an attempt to sell us back more than 2 books per title per customer.

7.  I selected payment by check when I sold my textbook.  How quickly will the check arrive after it is mailed?

After your buyback order has been updated to Complete, the check should arrive in 5-10 business days.  All checks are mailed through the United States Postal Service.

8.  I am having trouble logging into my Mybookcart Seller Account.  How do I log in to check the status of my buyback?

At Mybookcart, you have a separate Seller Account.  To create  a Mybookcart seller account, or to log into your existing Mybookcart seller account, use this link:

9.  My shipping label isn’t loading, and I can’t print my pre-paid label to ship my books.

If your shipping label isn’t loading correctly, this is most likely due to your address not being recognized by the USPS or UPS.  A correct and complete address must be used to download the pre-paid shipping label.  You can either email us at [email protected] so we can update your address for your buyback order, or you will need to resubmit a new buyback order using a correct address.

10.  Can I drop-ship a buyback from another company to and not use the pre-paid shipping label?

No, Mybookcart will not accept a buyback order if it is drop-shipped from another company.  All buyback orders must use the original pre-paid shipping label provided during checkout to qualify for purchase.

11.  What happens if I accidentally mail in the wrong book for my buyback?

If an incorrect book is mailed in, Mybookcart will process the book with an adjusted buyback offer based on Mybookcart’s current offer rate.  Incorrect books will not be returned.  Please double check your buyback order to ensure you mail in the correct books.

12.  What about textbooks that have an anti-counterfeiting QR code?

All textbooks that are published with an anti-counterfeiting QR code will need to have the authenticity sticker on the cover to qualify for purchase.

13.  Will you purchase books that have an odor?

No, we do not purchase books with an odor.  We will not accept books with  musty odors or books that smell like cigarette smoke.  Please do not mail us books that have an odor.

14.  What is your policy regarding books published with a Transparency Code?

If a book is published with a transparency code, the transparency code will need to be included on the book to qualify for purchase.  Publishers use transparency codes to indicate that the book is authentic.  We will need to have the transparency code with your book in order to issue payment.

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