Tarzan Economics: Eight Principles for Pivoting Through Disruption

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By: Will Page
2021 | Hardcover
ISBN is 9780316427395 / 031642739X

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Taking the lessons learned from his years studying the rise and fall of the modern music industry, Spotify’s Chief Economist has crafted “a compelling and generous read” (Scott Galloway) that provides the tools to recognize and adapt to disruption in any industry. As the chief economist at Spotify, Will Page has had the best seat in the house for witnessing—and harnessing—the power of disruptive change. Music has often been the canary in the coal mine for major technological and societal shifts, and if there’s one thing Page learned from the digital revolution, it’s that businesses must be ready to pivot. Drawing practical lessons from a variety of fresh case studies covering Radiohead, Starbucks, and even Groucho Marx, Page examines the eight principles that disruption has thrown into sharp relief as keys to survival in any sector. Businesses need to be ready and willing to change and, if necessary, be prepared to rebuild entire organizations and business models to do so. Pivoting through disruption has everything to do with being able to see the revolutionary changes around the corner, recognizing your strengths, and having the confidence to let go of the old vine of doing business and grab onto the new. A rare book of economics offering actionable takeaways in easy-to-understand language, Tarzan Economics is the must-read book for anyone staring at their own Napster moment and wishing they knew how to fail-safe their business.

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