Weekly Provisions: How to eat seasonally and love what’s left over by Kim Duke


  • By: Kim Duke
  • 2021 | Hardcover
  • ISBN is 9780241503157 / 0241503159
  • Publisher: DK

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Author Kimberly Duke will show you how to make delicious, affordable meals over weekends that can be repurposed for weekday meals. Save time, money and reduce food waste with this batch-cooking guide. Fun, tasty, and flavorful recipes that help you cook for the entire week! Save time and money and make a variety of mouthwatering meals. Weekly Provisions places variety and fun back into meal prep and shows you how to spice up leftovers. In this book you’ll discover: Recipes for 12 complete menus – each with a starter, main event, side dish, and pudding – followed by creative ideas for turning what’s left into new meals during the week, 100 leftover makeovers for breakfast on the go, packed lunches, speedy suppers, and more, How to stock your larder and make a weekly shopping list, The indulgence of comfort-food cookbooks with an added element of planning and purpose. Batch-cooking can be a tedious weekend task that nobody really wants to do. When you’re time-poor and weekdays are filled with work, family, and other activities, cooking new meals can quickly become overwhelming. Weekly Provisions is packed with recipes for 12 complete menus – each with a starter, main event, side dish, and dessert – followed by more than 60 creative ideas for turning what’s left into new meals and snacks during the week. This cookbook has ideas for roast dinners, vegetarian dinners, salads, pies and so much more. Sprinkle some granola on leftover baked milk yogurt for breakfast, and stir its lavender caramel topping into your coffee. Magic the remains of brown sugar brisket into shiitake mushroom and beef pho for lunch, and one pan Aloo Mataar for dinner. This clever cookbook will show you a new way to cook that’s easy on your time and money, but big on taste and pleasure!

About the Author:

Kim Duke

Kimberley Duke is the co-founder of Life Kitchen, an award-winning social enterprise that offers free cooking classes throughout the UK for people living with cancer, their friends and loved ones. She is Head Chef at The White Hart pub in New Cross Gate, London; and before that at the iconic Royal Oak pub on Columbia Road.

Kim Duke: Weekly Provisions

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