Scream Vol. 1


Scream Vol. 1: Curse of Carnage
By: Chapman, Clay McLeod

2020| Paperback


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Out of ABSOLUTE CARNAGE comes a new symbiotic sensation – and it’ll be a Scream! Patricia Robertson, Andi Benton, Donna Diego…their stories have all been leading to this. Now, one of Venom’s original offspring – and quite possibly the strongest – stars at last in her own ongoing series! But in the wake of Carnage’s assault, what remains of the Scream symbiote? Does it even have a host? What are its intentions? And what will a pair of web-slinging wallcrawlers have to say about Scream’s presence in New York? Meanwhile, a darkness has formed in the waters surrounding the Big Apple – something evil that beckons Scream with a siren song.

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