College Physics Essentials, Eighth Edition: Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Waves (Volume One)


By: Wilson, Jerry D.; Buffa, Anthony J.; et al
1st Edition | 2019 | Hardcover
ISBN is 9781138476325 / 1138476323
Publisher: CRC Press

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This new edition of College Physics Essentials provides a streamlined update of a major textbook for algebra-based physics. The first volume covers topics such as mechanics, heat, and thermodynamics. The second volume covers electricity, atomic, nuclear, and quantum physics. The authors provide emphasis on worked examples together with expanded problem sets that build from conceptual understanding to numerical solutions and real-world applications to increase reader engagement. A companion website with follow-up exercises and answers will also aid students to gain more practice on basic concepts and problems. Including over 900 images throughout the two volumes, this textbook is highly recommended for students seeking a basic understanding of key physics concepts and how to apply them to real problems.

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