Aero & Sword Master: Origins and Odysseys


Aero & Sword Master: Origins and Odysseys: n/a
By: Pak, Greg

2020| Paperback


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Elemental forces of nature clash when Singapore sensation Aero meets Filipina super heroine Wave! On the outs from Triumph Division, Wave must regain her team’s trust – and Aero owes her a favor. The two heroes team up to investigate AlonTech, the shadowy company that gave Wave her powers… But who is the Sea Hunter, and what is her connection to a strange undersea race? Then, Sword Master’s search for his father brings him to America…and into the crosshairs of Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu! Lin Lie’s magic sword makes a tempting target – but when Ares, Greek god of war, claims the weapon for himself, can the heroes wrest the sword back to its rightful owner? Or will they have to cut a deal with Ares – and face the gods of Madripoor?

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