A History of Western Society Since 1300 for AP (13TH Edition)


  • By McKay, John P.; Crowston, Clare Haru; et al
  • Thirteenth Edition | 2020 | Hardcover
  • ISBN is 9781319221638
  • Publisher: Bedford Books

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Contributor(s): McKay, John P (Author), Crowston, Clare Haru (Author), Wiesner-Hanks, Merry E (Author), Perry, Joe (Author)
ISBN: 1319221637    EAN: 9781319221638
Publisher: Bedford Books
Binding: Hardcover

Pub Date: January 03, 2020

McKay’s A History of Western Society 13e is the same European History book that AP® students and teachers know and love – with easy readability, a multitude of primary sources, and attention to everyday life. This edition also includes new AP®-style questions in every chapter and time period.

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