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Selling your textbooks back to Mybookcart is an easy, convenient, and fast way to get cash for your books. At Mybookcart, we take pride in our customer service. We realize that students need their payment fast for their textbooks, so we pay quickly after the books are delivered and processed. Communication is key. We send updates by email when the books are delivered and when payment is issued. We are all about humans helping humans.

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Selling your college books is easy. Click Sell My Books and type in the ISBN number of the books you want to sell. Mybookcart will provide instant price offers for your books. After you have a minimum offer value of $15.00 in your cart, select checkout to complete your selling transaction. Select your payment method (check or PayPal), and after checkout completion, you will be provided with a free, pre-paid shipping label to mail in your books at no cost to you. When we receive your books, we’ll send you an email updating you on your books’ status. After we process your books, we’ll send another email notifying you that we sent payment. Go ahead, give us a try.

Types of textbooks we buy

Criminal Justice
Political Science
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