How To Sell Back Your Textbooks

Click Here and search for instant buyback offers by typing  in the ISBN number of your books.  The ISBN number can be found on either the copyright page or on the back cover above the barcode.  For loose leaf textbooks, only use the ISBN number on the front or back cover above the barcode.  The ISBN can be 10 or 13 digits.

Confirm your info!  Mybookcart will give you instant buyback price quotes for your books.  Click checkout.  Fill in your name and address and how you want to be paid.  We pay by check or PayPal.  

Ship your books to us for Free!  At the end of checkout, print out your free pre-paid shipping label.  Pack your books in a sturdy box and affix the shipping label to the outside of your box.  Drop your books off at your local post office.  Books will qualify for either free USPS or UPS shipping methods.

We will send payment after we receive and process your books.  We understand that you need your cash quickly.  We make every effort to pay you as soon as possible.  We will send you an email once your books are delivered and another email when your payment is issued.  We communicate with you through every step of the process.

We all love books. Reading a good book is relaxing. We say that we can never have too many books, but then a glance at a bookcase, and, well, there’s not any more room. Plus, you’ve read them all. If you find yourself in that situation, keep in mind that there’s someone else who is looking to read the books you’ve already finished. Plus, you can make a little cash on the side. Sell back your gently used books to us, and the return shipping is free. It’s fast, it’s easy, the shipping is free, and you’ll be paid by check or PayPal. Check us out.

Selling back your books is easy.  Type in the ISBN numbers of the books you are looking to sell back for cash. Click Lookup Books and instant buyback offers will be displayed letting you know how much we are buying your books for. Once you have a minimum total offer of $15.00, select checkout. During checkout, you will have the option of selecting payment by check or PayPal. At the end of checkout, we will provide you with a free, pre-paid shipping label that will print out and tape to the outside of your shipping box. A packing slip will also print, please include it with your shipment. If you forget to include your packing slip, don’t worry, we can still process your books. Give us a try!

And don’t forget, we buy textbooks too! We buy back all types of college textbooks. Selling your textbooks back to Mybookcart is an easy, convenient, and fast way to get cash for your books. At Mybookcart, we take pride in our customer service. We realize that students need their payment fast for their textbooks, so we pay quickly after the books are delivered and processed. Communication is key. We send updates by email when the books are delivered and when payment is issued. If you’re a high school student or college student who is looking to sell back your textbooks, here are some textbooks we buy:

Types of textbooks we buy




Criminal Justice












Political Science

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