Meet The Team

Hanna Cook

Owner and Podcast Co-host, Hanna Cook, uses her research and reading skills and knowledge to run a successful book buy back company. She has been working hard building her business Mediabuster Books LLC since 2003. Mediabuster books was named after one of the the dogs she adopted named Buster. In 2009 she gave her company a makeover with the new name of Mybookcart and started buying books for fast cash instead of just selling them. She prides herself on running a GREEN company. As the owner of a small company Hanna enthusiastically plays the role of many and no task is outside of her job responsibilities. Some of her skills include WordPress, SEO, data analysis, Amazon apps, Google apps, shipping & receiving and a bunch of other stuff. She is focused on one mission – Humans Helping Humans.

Hanna attended Cedarville University and obtained a B.S. in Biology. After several years working in this field she ventured off. Books are her passion and her life. On Hanna’s desk you will always find endless cups of coffee and a seltzer from Cari. When Hanna is not working a gazillion hours at Mybookcart she enjoys reading, hiking, archery, skeet shooting, sporting clays, playing with her dogs and spending time with her lifelong fiance’. Her  favorite thing to do is to go on a picnic and hopefully she is eating one of her favorite foods (sushi or gluten free pizza). Lastly Hanna’s favorite quote is “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference” by Author Robert Frost.

Cari Kruzel

Marketing and Production Lead, and Co-Host of Mybookcart Podcast, Cari Kruzel, uses her variety of skills to wear many hats at Mybookcart. Giving a specific job title to Cari is hard because she has her hands in all departments. Her boss believes every skill and piece of experience she has on her resume she is an expert at. She wants you to keep that in mind that when submitting  your resume that some people actually read every word and then ask you to do things you haven’t done in 15 years. She is focused on one mission – Humans Helping Humans.

Cari’s College education includes everything from a degree in Computer Science to her Phelbotomy certificate and liscense and has spanned over 15 years including 4 different colleges (Bridgewater State, Massaoit Community College, Eastern Nazarene College and Middlesex Community College). Being a mom is the hardest, yet most rewarding thing she has ever done. She enjoys trying crazy things that she feels she is to old to do because she likes to show her kids how to be fearless and to try everything at least once. Her favorite food is lasagna and doesn’t make it often enough. Lastly, Cari’s favorite quotes are: “I carried a watermelon……… I carried a watermelon?” from one of her favorite movies Dirty Dancing and “The cheese stands alone” from the book I Am the Cheese by Robert Cormier.

Suzanne Flores

Narrator Suzanne Flores uses her one of a kind voice to recreate author’s children stories through her verbal expression. Working with Mybookcart’s audio department she paints a picture of why just a sample of our featured author’s books is never enough and leaves listeners wanting more. She is focused on one mission – Humans Helping Humans.

She has a M.A and B.A. in Business from Eastern Nazarene College. Her skills and expertise are so long we couldn’t possibly list them all. Her hobbies include reading and learning new things. When is comes to Suzanne’s desk you won’t find anything out of the ordinary. An interesting fact about the desk is that the desk itself comes from the 1870’s, back when furniture was made with real wood. When Suanne is not working she is enjoying her life as a mom and spending time with her family and as often as possible eating her favorite meal, turkey dinner with all the fixings. Everyday could be Thanksgiving with a turkey feast for her. Lastly Suzanne’s favorite quote is: “A smile confuses an approaching frown.” Author Unknown. Think about it, try it out and find that it works.

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