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I am currently residing in Bend, Oregon, but I grew up back in New York. I did my undergraduate degree at Fordham University and my master’s degree at the University of Vermont. My love of sport came as a child, then as a college and a professional athlete. Then I got into coaching. I coach university, and I’ve coached kid sports for a long time. I founded Changing the Game Project in 2012, wherein I thought I could hopefully make a bigger difference for more people by bringing some of the latest research in education, psychology, youth development, and sociology and other things around the sporting experience. I really felt that sports had shifted away from being centered on the experience of the athlete or the child, and it was more about the business of sport or the people running sport. My goal was to give parents and coaches great information so that they could create a better environment for kids, and we’d have a far lower dropout rate and a far more successful sporting environment for all involved, whether you were an ultra competitive athlete pursuing the Olympics, or someone who just wants to run around and hang out with their friends, which is fantastic as well.

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