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Digital Delight: Planning, measuring, and optimizing great digital customer experiences By Greg Kihlstrom

Digital Delight: Planning, Measuring, and Optimizing Great Digital Consumer & Employee Experiences

Written By: Greg Kihlstrom

Publication Date: March 30, 2019

ISBN: 9781797432632

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We are truly living in the age of customer experience. With the proliferation of tools that allow better and more holistic design of customer experience and consumer journeys, comes an increased ability to measure, analyze, and optimize. This new age of increased integration means that successful customer experience involves many teams and departments within an organization to become successful.Marketing, Customer Service, Technology, Operations, and HR are now all on the front lines in an effort to provide the absolute best experience that draws new customers in, and keeps existing customers coming back.Digital Delight uncovers the methods, approaches, and measurements needed in order to compete in a customer-centric world. The book gives practical examples of how to plan, build, measure, and optimize a successful customer experience platform, as well as how to prepare an organization for such an effort.

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