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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many of each book will you buy?
    We have a limit of two copies per book. We will only accept two copies per book per customer. If you mail us more than two copies of the same book, they will be rejected and no payment will be made.
    If a customer is found to have created more than one account in an attempt to sell us back more than 2 books per title, the additional accounts will automatically be suspended, and no payment will be made for the additional books.  This also applies to multiple accounts with different names but coming from the same address.  Creating multiple accounts is against our purchasing policy and will result in immediate account suspension.
  • How do I ship my books to you?
    1. Please look through your book to make sure that there is no water damage, stains, the binding is intact, and that there is no writing in the book.

    2.Print out your packing slip that is generated during the checkout process. Place the packing slip in the box with your books before shipping them.

    3. Find a sturdy box to pack your books in. Please add some packing material to make sure that the books do not get damaged. Use enough packing tape to ensure that the box doesn't burst open during shipping.

    4. Print out your pre-paid shipping label and tape it to the outside of the box. Make sure to only tape around the edges of the label as the post office needs to fill in the amount due.

    5. Bring your box of books to the United States Post Office or a UPS shipping center depending on your shipping label. Since the package is already labeled and pre-paid you do not need to stand in line. You only need to place it on the checkout counter and notify the shipping employee that you have a package for shipment.

    6. We will notify you by e-mail when we receive your package and again when payment is sent.
  • Why should I sell my book to
    We make selling your books easy! There are no lines, hassles, or fees. Our offers are some of the highest in the industry. You will receive your payment quickly. And shipping is free!
  • Do you buy International Editions?
    No, we do not buy international editions. Payment will not be made if the book is an international edition. Please do not mail international editions to us.
  • What kind of books do you buy?
    We buy all varieties of books, but we tend to specialize in recently published textbooks, non-fiction, business, history, and professional books. What we purchase is based on market prices and demand for each title.
  • How do I sell my books to
    Type the ISBNs of the books you want to sell into the search area on the hompage. Press the Enter key after each ISBN. The ISBN is the 10 or 13 digit number usually located above the barcode on the back cover. You can also find it on the copyright page.

    Once you checkout, give us your contact information and payment preferences. We offer payment by check or PayPal.
    Ship your books to us for FREE! Print your packing slip and FREE shipping label right from your computer. We ask that all books be shipped within a week of checkout.

    Receive payment. We will mail you a check, send you money through PayPal, or e-mail you a gift card within 2 business days after receiving and processing your books.
  • Do you buy Instructor's Editions?
    No, we do not buy Instructor's Editions. If we receive an Instructor's Edition, no payment will be made.
  • Can I sell used textbooks to
    Yes! We do buy used textbooks along with any other books you might have. There are no lines here. And we offer high prices for your textbooks. Shipping is free, and we pay fast! We ask that all books be shipped within a week of checkout.
  • How do I know that is a reliable and legitimate online business?
    We have been an online business for over 5 years. We have a full time customer service department to answer any of your questions. You can e-mail us at or call us at 203-992-9417. Our goal is to keep you updated on each step in the book selling process. You will receive e-mails from us letting you know the status of your books and payment.
  • Do You Buy Ex-Library Books?
    No, we do not buy ex-library books. If an ex-library book is shipped to us, no payment will be made. The book will be shipped back at the seller's expense.
  • What condition do the books have to be in?
    In order to give you a more accurate quote for your books, we do ask for the condition of your books. The condition guidelines will be clearly stated when you are asked for this information.
    Books will not be accepted with any of the following:
    Water or moisture damage
    Mildew or mold
    Fire or smoke damage
    Major wear to binding
    Large tears to pages
    Missing pages
    Strong odors of any kind, including cigarette odor.
    Answers that are filled in.
    If we receive any books that are not in the condition stated, or with conditions that are not acceptable by us, payment will be reduced or eliminated.
  • Will you purchase books with missing CDs, missing dust jackets, writing, underlining, and/or highlighting?
    We do not buy textbooks that are missing CDs. We do not buy books that are missing a dust jacket. We do buy books that have writing, underlining or highlighting as long as it does not obscure the text. If the books has any markings, you will need to choose "good" condition during checkout.
  • What is an ISBN?
    An ISBN is a 10 or 13 digit number that can be found on the back cover or on the copyright page of almost all books. You may enter the ISBN with or without dashes. Don't leave off the leading zeros. Sometimes an ISBN can end with an X, you will need to include the X. will accept either the 10 or 13 digit ISBN. For example:
    Please enter either the 10 or 13 digit number into the search field. Not Both.
  • What happens if my book does not have an ISBN?
    Sorry, we do not buy books that do not have an ISBN.
  • What types of books will you not buy?
    We do not buy the following:
    International or Global edition textbooks
    Instructor's edition textbooks
    Items marked "not for resale" or "not for sale"
    Items marked "Free copy" or similar markings
    Advanced reader's copy
  • Will you buy my DVDs?
    No, we do not purchase DVDs. Even though your DVD may have an ISBN number, we will not purchase it. Please disregard any offers given by for DVDs.
  • How does the seller cart work?
    Your seller cart works similar to that of a shopping cart on other online sites. When you enter in an ISBN of a book, and we are currently buying it, we will ask you for the condition of your book. A price quote will be calculated, and it will automatically added to your seller cart. Your quotes will be totaled for you. You may also adjust quantities in your seller cart.
  • Should I create a separate order (seller cart) for each box of books that I sell?
    It would be easiest to create a separate order for each box of books. A separate packing slip will then be placed in each box that is shipped to us. This will help things run more smoothly once they arrive in our receiving department.
  • If I made a mistake how do I cancel my order?
    If you have not yet completed your order, simply click the "Clear Cart" button. If you have already submitted your order, please send us an e-mail to notify us of the situation. If you have already shipped your books, we will send them back to you after we have received payment for return shipping.
  • Why do you ask for the condition of my books?
    In order to give you the best price possible, we will ask you for the condition of your books. We will offer a higher price for a book that is in great condition.
  • What happens if my books do not meet your condition requirements?
    In order to give you the best price possible, we will ask you for the condition of your books. If we receive the books in a different condition than stated, your payment may be reduced. If we receive the books in an unacceptable condition, then the books will only be shipped back at the seller's expense and no payment will be issued. Please make sure to read the condition requirements when you are adding your books to the seller cart.
  • Why don't you buy all of my books?
    We buy books based on market supply and demand. Some books may be in over-supply in the market.
  • How do you decide which books to buy?
    We buy books based on market supply and demand.
  • How do you determine the prices for books?
    Our prices are based on market supply and demand for each individual book. We also take into consideration the condition of your books in order to give you the most money for your books.
  • What do I do after I have added all the books I want to sell into My Book Cart?
    After you have finished adding all your books into My Book Cart, you may proceed to checkout. You will be asked to create a new account with, or log into an existing account. We will ask for your contact information so that we may efficiently keep you updated and to complete the transaction. You will also need to decide if you want payment by check or Paypal. The final step is for you to confirm and submit your order to us. We ask that your books be shipped to us within one week of the submittal date. If you can not make it to the post office within that time, please submit a new order.
  • Will you buy my VHS tapes?
    No, we do not buy VHS tapes. Even though your VHS tape may have an ISBN number, we will not purcase it. Please disregard any offers given by for VHS tapes.
  • I forgot my password. What do I do?
    There is a section at the bottom of the login screen that says "Forget your password?" Enter in your e-mail address and a new password will be e-mailed to you. To make remembering your password easier, you can change it to one of your own once you log into your user account.
  • I am ready to ship my books. What do I do?
    Once you submit your books to us, you will be able to print the shipping label right off your computer. Place the packing slip inside the box with the books. Please use a sturdy box to ship your books. Tape the shipping label onto the box. Make sure to only tape the outside edges of the label. Bring your labeled box to your post office. Since you do not have to pay for postage, you do not have to wait in line. You can simply place your box on the service counter and walk away.
  • How long do I have to ship my books?
    All books must be shipped within 7 days of the buyback order being placed.  The ship-by date will be printed on the packing slip that will print with your shipping label.  If your books are not shipped within 7 days of the buyback order being placed, then a new buyback order will need to be submitted.  If your books are not shipped within the designated time frame, your buyback quote will expire.
  • Do I have to pay postage in order to mail my books to you?
    No, postage is free. The pre-paid shipping label can be printed right off your computer after your order is submitted.
  • How do I know if you have received my books?
    We will send you an e-mail notification when we receive your books. You can also log into your seller account to view the status of your order. Please keep in mind that Media Mail takes up to 14 business days to arrive.
  • How do I know the status of my order?
    You can log into your seller account to view the status of your order. We will also send out e-mail notifications during each step of the process. Please allow 5 business days from the day we receive your books to issue payment.
  • What happens if I forgot to add the packing slip?
    Please let us know, and we will look up your order by your name or e-mail. If you forget to notify us, as long as you have a return address on the package, we should have no problem processing your order.
  • What happens if I forgot to include some of the books on the packing slip?
    We will send out a "received" notification and inform you about the missing books. We will wait 10 days to hear back from you. If we don't hear from you, we will then go ahead and process the order minus the missing books.
  • What happens if I pack the wrong book?
    If we are buying the book, we will add the book to your order. If we are not buying the book, we will notify you that the wrong book was shipped and the order will be processed with a reduction in payment.
  • Will you buy my CDs or CD-roms?
    No, we do not purchase CDs or CD-roms. Even though your CD or CD-rom may have an ISBN number, we will not purchase it. Please disregard any offers given by for CDs or CD-roms.
  • Can I use a different shipping carrier?
    Yes, you can choose to ship using another mail carrier, but we will only credit you the media mail rate. The media mail rate will be determined based on weight, and that rate will be credited to you. Please contact us about more information.
  • How long does it take to get paid?
    The post office generally takes 5-10 days to deliver the books. We will send out a "received" e-mail as soon as your shipment arrives. Once the books are received, the books must be inspected. After you books are inspected and processed, your payment will be sent. A "payment sent" e-mail will be sent to notify that your payment is on its way. Depending on your preference, we will send your payment by check or PayPal within 1-2 business days of receiving your books.
  • How do I get paid through PayPal?
    PayPal is a fast and secure way to transfer money electronically. The money gets sent to your account where you can safely transfer it into your bank account. Or you can choose to leave your payment in your PayPal account for future purchases. All we would need from you choose to get paid through PayPal is your e-mail address. This option only works if you have a PayPal account!
  • How do I change my PayPal e-mail address?
    Log into your account on You will be able to change your paypal e-mail address under "My Account". Click "update" when you have changed your paypal e-mail address.
  • What Is The Referral Program?'s Referral Program allows its customers to refer their friends and family to When the person you refer mails us in their books, you earn 10% of their total offer. Everyone who has an account with gets a unique referral code. The person you refer will enter in your referral code when they create their account. And when they send in their books, you get paid. Use this code to earn cash!
  • Can I get my books back?
    Yes. If you cancel your order, your books will be shipped back to you at your expense. You will need to notify us of your cancellation prior to us receiving your books.
  • Do you purchase books that are missing a dust jacket?
    No, we do not purchase books that are missing a dust jacket.  If a book is supposed to have a dust jacket, it must be with the book to qualify for purchase.

Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

In an effort to always give you the highest offers available, all items must arrive to in the condition described or else the following actions may be taken at the discretion of
  1. A reduced payment may be issued for the item
  2. No payment may be issued for the item
  3. The item may be returned to the customer at their expense
  4. The item may not be returned to the customer at all 
We Do Not Accept International or Global Editions.  We Do Not Accept Instructor's Editions.   We Do Not Accept Instructor's Review Copies.  We Do Not Accept Opened or Unsealed Access Code Cards.
All buyback orders MUST be shipped within 7 days of the buyback order being placed.  A ship-by date will be printed on the packing slip.  If the buyback order is not shipped by the required ship-by date, then the buyback order will expire and the quoted buyback offer(s) will be null and void. 
All textbooks must come with their accompanying CD-roms to receive the full offer quoted.
No payment will be made for books with liquid damage. No payment will be made for books with bindings that are damaged, separating, split, or otherwise not intact.  We do not purchase books that have been bound incorrectly.
All shipments must be made using either our  pre-paid USPS Media Mail label, or if your buyback order qualifies, our pre-paid UPS Ground shipping label.  If the item arrives using a shipping method other than USPS Media Mail or UPS Ground, then the cost difference of the alternate shipping method will be deducted from your payment.  This applies to all shipments made using USPS Priority Mail boxes, envelopes, or tape.  Shipments must be carefully packaged in order to ensure that the books arrive safely. will not assume any responsibility for damaged or missing books.  It is the sender's responsibility to package the books in such a way to ensure safe delivery. No payment will be made for damaged or missing books. reserves the right to inquire how items were originally acquired and request proof of ownership. While under investigation, payment may be delayed or withheld. reserves the right to rescind all transactions for any reason for a period of 30 days after the date the offer was accepted.  If an offer is rescinded by for any reason other than a customer not complying to the agreed terms and conditions, the item will be returned to the customer via USPS media mail.
If a customer would like books shipped back to them, payment must first be made to  to cover the cost and processing of the return shipment.

Referral Program

All  users can track their referral fee status in their user account.

For a book buyback to be eligible to earn a referral fee, the customer must enter your referral code during their account creation process.  When the person you referred sells us back their books, your referral code will be used to track the order.  The referral fee will be paid when we receive the books at our facility.  A referral fee will only be paid for the referred person's first buyback order.  Any subsequent orders will not quality for a referral fee.  Subject to the other terms of this Agreement, you will earn 5% of qualifying shipments that result from the customer using your referral code during account creation and then selling us their books.  Payment for a referral occurs when the book or books are received by   The books must be mailed and received by for the referral to be paid.  There may be times when a book or books are missing in the shipment in regards to an order.  When this happens, the commission will be paid based on the books that we receive and not on the initial order total.   The act of a person submitting books for sale without shipping the items does not qualify for payment.  Referral fees will be issued by check on the  first day of every month. reserves the right to change the referral rate of 5% at any time.  If the referral rate is changed, an e-mail will be sent out notifying members of the rate change.Payment for all referrals will be made on the 1st of every month.  Payment will be made by check to the address in your user account.  A minimum of $5.00 is required for payment. makes no express or implied representations or warranties regarding service and website or the products or services provided therein.  Any implied warranties of ability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement are expressly disclaimed and excluded.  In addition, we make no representation that the operation of our site will be uninterrupted or error free, and we will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.

No part of may be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purposes .  You may not misuse any part of by unauthorized collection and use of any product listings, descriptions, or prices; or any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools.

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