Wine Style: Discover the Wines You Will Love Through 50 Simple Recipes


  • By: Kate Leahy
  • 2021 | Hardcover
  • ISBN is 9781984857606 / 1984857606
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press

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Wine and food are meant to be enjoyed together. This fresh look at a classic subject covers the essential grape varieties that wine lovers need to know, as well as fifty elegantly simple and delicious recipes to savor alongside. “One of the most approachable books on wine I’ve seen.”—David Lebovitz, author of Drinking French. Wine Style is the modern, casual guide to finding which wines you love and with which foods to pair them. There are no rules here (especially none of the old-fashioned ones, like “seafood should always be paired with white”). Whether you’re looking to find an affordable new mainstay bottle for weeknight dinners, incorporate dessert wines into your routine, or learn how orange wine is made, Wine Style has you covered. And what could be a more delicious and fun way to explore different varietals than by cooking the perfect complementary snacks and dishes to go with them? You’re bound to find new favorites—in foods and wines alike—with winning combinations such as baked lemony feta with crisp white wine; caramelized cabbage and onion galette with a serious red; smoked salmon spaghetti with sparkling wine; and so much more. Discover new wines alongside incredible—and incredibly easy—recipes. With its modern approach to food and drink, Wine Style injects some much-needed fun into the world of wine tasting.

About the Author:

Kate Leahy

Kate Leahy has traveled from Southern Italy to Myanmar—and many places in between—to research recipes, many of which make it into her books. She has written or edited more than eight books on food and wine, including A16 Food + Wine, the 2009 IACP Cookbook of the Year and recipient of the Julia Child best first book award. Her work has also appeared in Eating Well and several other publications. Prior to writing, she cooked on the line at James Beard Award-winning restaurants A16 in San Francisco, Terra in St. Helena, California, and Radius in Boston. Kate lives in San Francisco.

Kate Leahy’s Eggplant Lahmajoon, from Wine Style

Wine Style by Kate Leahy Reviews:

“Food writer and former chef Leahy (La Buvette) covers wine basics and pairs popular varieties with inventive recipes in this enchanting guide.”—Publishers Weekly

“Kate Leahy brings wine down to earth for those of us who are casual drinkers (rather than pros), who want to know how to find what we like, and who enjoy what we’re drinking. She also provides recipes for delicious snacks, appetizers, and other nibbles to accompany every type of red, white, rosé, and bubbly. Under Kate’s easygoing guidance, Wine Style is one of the most approachable books on wine I’ve seen, and it’ll take anyone’s appreciation of wine to new—and delicious—levels.”—David Lebovitz, author of Drinking French

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