This Kind of Love: The Overwhelming Power of Promises, Patience, and Faith


  • By: Kaelin Edwards & Kyrah Edwards
  • 2021 | Hardcover
  • ISBN is 9781546017523 / 1546017526
  • Publisher: Delacorte Press

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Kaelin and Kyrah Edward’s viral video of 2016 (Crazy Girlfriend Throws iPhone in the Pool!) thrust them into the spotlight with a velocity that they never could have imagined. Since that time, they have grown up in front of their audience—they have built their relationship, gotten married, grown their family through the births of their two little boys. What began for them as the posting of a prank video has evolved into an engaged viewership of over 2 million on their various social channels that looks to them for guidance in how to make good life decisions. This Kind of Love follows the Edwards’ family’s adventure as they learn to live through the lens of God’s promises and principles. In This Kind of Love, Kaelin and Kyrah invite you to join their often tumultuous journey and experience—alongside of them—the joy and beauty that comes through waiting for God to do His work in our lives. Follow popular YouTubers Kaelin and Kyrah Edwards as they grow from young and in love, believing the hard part of life is over, to adulthood, filled with both challenges and opportunities.

About the Authors:

Kaelin Edwards & Kyrah Edwards

Kaelin and Kyrah Edwards are YouTube personalities and social media influencers that have impacted millions of people with a brand centered upon displaying their faith in the day-to-day journey of life as a young married Christian couple. With millions of followers on social media, they are thought leaders to their generation. Convinced life is not to be lived alone, their audience comes alongside to do life together with them. The couple resides in Dallas, Texas with their two children, Karter and Kaiser. Connect with the Edwards family on all major social media platforms @KaelinAndKyrah, or at

Our Wedding | Kaelin and Kyrah

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