Dada Eats Love to Cook It: 100 Plant-Based Recipes for Everyone at Your Table


By: Samah Dada
2021 | Hardcover
ISBN is 9780593138236 / 0593138236
Publisher: Rodale Books

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100+ meals and treats with an accidentally plant-based energy, including inventive new takes on beloved Indian dishes and ingredients—all unprocessed, all easy and indulgent—from the Today show’s resident foodie. Samah Dada doesn’t buy into the all-or-nothing mentality of healthy eating. By using real, unprocessed ingredients in surprising ways, she shows you how to have your cake and eat it too—because it’s actually made out of chickpeas. Her food is often vegan, allergen-free, gluten-free, and grain-free because she’s only using the most nutritious ingredients, not because she’s cutting out food groups to follow the latest fad. Her creative use of plants gives us drool-worthy dishes like her viral hits Brookie Pie and Chocolate Chip Tahini Cake with Chocolate Frosting, as well as One Banana Only Muffin Tops, Pancake Bread, Cauliflower Cacio e Pepe, and Masala Mac and Cheese. She draws on her Indian roots for plant-based dishes like Spicy Eggplant Masala and the Best Dal Ever that come together in record time, and reinvents Indian classics such as Kheer, Sweet Potato Aloo Tikki, Creamy Black Lentils, and more, removing dairy but not sacrificing flavor. Chocolate Chip Chickpea Blondies, Coconut Sugar Halva Strawberry Crumble Bars, and Marbled Chocolate Tahini Loaf Cake rely on unprocessed sugars, legumes, and grain-free flours, but they still satisfy every sweet tooth as you learn how to use these healthy ingredients for maximum flavor and joy.

About the Author:

Samah Dada

Samah Dada is a New York City–based recipe developer, food photographer, and the blogger behind Dada Eats. Drawing from her Indian heritage and inspired by the foodscapes of London, California, and New York, she is the host of Cooking with Samah Dada on the Today show’s digital channel.

Make Incredible Salted Peanut Butter Caramel Bars With Samah Dada

Former TODAY production assistant Samah Dada joins the show live from the new TODAY All Day kitchen to demonstrate some recipes from her debut cookbook, “Dada Eats: Love to Cook It,” including salted peanut better caramel bars. Dada’s streaming show “#Cooking” is part of the TODAY All Day lineup.

Dada Eats Love to Cook It by Samah Dada Reviews:

“When Samah walked onto the Today set, we knew she was special. Her delicious treats would arrive on our desks, and we would happily gobble them up, not even realizing they weren’t just delicious—they were healthy too. From her first on-air appearance on Today, a star was born. She has been unstoppable ever since. I’m not surprised her scrumptious and irresistible treats have made it into the pages of her first cookbook. Open the book and see why, for all of us, it was love at first sight and first bite for Samah!”—Savannah Guthrie, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Princesses Wear Pants and coanchor of NBC’s Today

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