Resources & More

On the College Talks & More podcast, we have had many, many amazing guests on our show. Here is a list of our guests and their schools, businesses, websites, and any other interesting information we have for them.


  • Brian Taylor – Managing director at Ivy Coach. At Ivy Coach, they help students earn admission to their top choice school. For more information, visit or call 212-600-0312. For a free consultation, fill out this form. Read or listen to his interview here.
  • Hildie Steiner – Owner of High Five College Prep. Hildie encourages students to be their authentic self when applying to college. She also specializes in students with special needs and helps them gain acceptance into their choice college. Listen to her interview here.
  • John Torres – Executive Director of Bridgeport Caribe Youth Leaders, also known as BCYL. BCYL helps prepare Bridgeport, CT youth for college and life success through sports and educational programs. Read or listen to his interview here.


Career Insights

  • Matt O’Sullivan – Host on The Sully Show. The show was created, developed and stars three military veterans who love to make people laugh. Read or listen to his interview about working in broadcasting here.
  • Greg Frisbee – Greg owns and performs his own show The Frisbee Show. He is an entertainer who likes to give comedy entertainment a new spin. Read or listen to his interview about working in entertainment here. To book an event call 415-786-7469.

Continuing Education

  • Brandy Brown – Owner of the the law student lifestyle blog The Legal Duchess. Brandy shares her experiences on how to get accepted into and succeed in law school. Read or listen to her interview here.
  • Brycial Williams – Brycial shares his experiences of getting accepted to, paying for, and going to Northcentral University to obtain a doctoral degree in education. Read or listen to his interview here.

Finding A Job

  • Kelly Kennedy – Student development and outreach career development, instructor, and coach at the UConn School of Business. She also works with outside companies who want to recruit UConn talent. Read or listen to her interview here.

Life Success

  • Timothy Kowalski – Timothy is a licensed speech and language pathologist specializing in social pragmatic communication deficits. He is the owner of Professional Communication Services, Inc. He offers guidance to parents whose children may have speech or language disorders. Read or listen to his interview here.

Paying For College

  • Mike Lynch – Financial planner at Barnum Financial Group. Michael assists individuals by helping them save and invest for a college education. He also specializes in financial planning for families with special needs children. Listen to his interview here.
  • Robert Farrington – Owner of the college finance blog The College Investor. Robert provides advice to parents and students on being smart when financing your college education. Read or listen to his interview here.