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This in-depth and exciting book explores different aspects of science today, from minority groups in Science, CRISPR, Deep Learning, Climate Change, Denial of Science as Fake News, Optogenetics, Science funding, among other topics.

Discover the groundbreaking field of optogenetics, a biological technique that uses light to control cells in living tissue. Optogenetics helps researchers understand biochemical processes in live organisms and may someday be used to treat blindness, neural disorders, and other diseases

This stunning look at bioluminescence reveals the variety of animals that glow in the dark. The book explains the phenomenon and explores the fascinating uses to which modern science is putting the proteins associated with bioluminescence.

Exposure to toxins leads to various cancers, impairment of the immune and reproductive systems, as well as cognitive problems. Solutions include a wide range of infrastructure approaches, such as better water filtration, governmental and manufacturing regulations, outright bans on certain chemicals, careful monitoring, and the use of alternative fuels.

Green fluorescent proteins have been floating in the ocean for more than 160 million years, but it took a curious scientist, fascinated by pinpricks of green light, to begin unlocking their potential. Now these jellyfish proteins have become one of the most important tools available to researchers in modern medicine and biology. 

Today researchers are using this green fluorescent protein to pursue exciting new discoveries, from tracking the process of bacterial infection to detecting chemical and biological agents planted by terrorists. A recognized expert in this field, Zimmer begins with an overview of the many uses of these glowing genes to kill and image cancer cells, monitor bacterial infections, and light up in the presence of pollution.

“I was born in South Africa. I went to school in South Africa, went to University in South Africa, all during the apartheid times. At some point, I knew I would have to go to the military, which was something I really didn’t want to do. When I finished my Master’s Degree in Chemistry, I left South Africa, came to America, and did a PhD here. Since 1990, I’ve been teaching at Connecticut College, and I teach Chemistry. I also study how animals give off light; how fishes, fireflies, and jellyfish give off light.” – Marc Zimmer