The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to Astrological Signs, the Zodiac, and More


  • By: Nikki Van De Car
  • 2021 | Hardcover
  • ISBN is 9780762499557 / 0762499559
  • Publisher: Running Press Kids

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New Book

Learn how to read your (and your friends’) signs and to interpret the zodiac in this beautifully illustrated follow-up to The Junior Witch’s Handbook. Harness the power of your signs to navigate friendships, family, and school. Invoking mindfulness, self-care, creativity, and a connection with nature, The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook is the perfect guide to teach young readers the art of astrology. A children’s guide book to the world of astrology.

About the Author:


Nikki Van De Car is a blogger, mother, writer, crafter, and lover of all things mystical. She is the author of ten books on magic and crafting, including Practical Magic and The Junior Witch’s Handbook, and the founder of two popular knitting blogs. Nikki lives with her family in Hawaii.

About the Illustrator

Uta Krogmann

From – I am Uta aka Mira Paradies: I grew up in the South of Germany in a village. When we were little, my sister and I and a neighbour boy spent lots of time outside, collecting corn for the doves on harvested fields, counting the points on ladybirds and jumping hopscotch. We had a great time designing and drawing comics for our own YPS issues and inventing „gimmicks“ to be sold along with them. I was lucky to be taken to art classes quite early and so it seemed inevitable to follow that path of creativity.

The Junior Astrologer’s Handbook

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