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The Comfort Book by Matt Haig


  • By: Matt Haig
  • 2021 | Hardcover
  • ISBN is 9780143136668 / 0143136666
  • Publisher: Penguin Life

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The new uplifting book from Matt Haig, the New York Times bestselling author of The Midnight Library, for anyone in search of hope, looking for a path to a more meaningful life, or in need of a little encouragement. “It is a strange paradox, that many of the clearest, most comforting life lessons are learnt while we are at our lowest. But then we never think about food more than when we are hungry and we never think about life rafts more than when we are thrown overboard.” THE COMFORT BOOK is Haig’s life raft: it’s a collection of notes, lists, and stories written over a span of several years that originally served as gentle reminders to Haig’s future self that things are not always as dark as they may seem. Incorporating a diverse array of sources from across the world, history, science, and his own experiences, Haig offers warmth and reassurance, reminding us to slow down and appreciate the beauty and unpredictability of existence.

About the Author:

Matt Haig

Matt Haig is the author of the internationally bestselling memoir Reasons to Stay Alive and Notes on a Nervous Planet, along with six novels, including How To Stop Time, and several award-winning children’s books. His work has been translated into thirty languages.

Matt Haig Discusses His Book ‘The Comfort Book’

The Comfort Book by Matt Haig Reviews:

‘The Comfort Book, a collection of aphorisms and inspirational stories of survival against the odds, is a guide to living and finding hope in these disjointed times’ —Guardian

“The Comfort Book… is brilliant, full of nuggets of profundity to consume when you’re feeling low. And he has a way of discussing mental health that rises above the general confessional noise.” — The Independent (Dublin)

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