The Growing Sweater by Jason J. Marchi

The Growing Sweater

Written By: Jason J. Marchi

Illustrated By: Ben Quesnel

Narrated By: Suzanne Flores

Length: 10 mins

ISBN: 9780983094524

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GRANNY QUIGLEY has knitted a very unique sweater. To her surprise, every time she washes and dries the purple sweater with the white lace collar it grows . . . one size larger! What can she possibly do with a sweater that keeps growing? And will it ever stop growing? Ashley and Morgan, Granny s granddaughters, take charge of the situation in attempt to solve Granny s dilemma. The three travel the countryside looking for a home for the growing sweater. As the sweater grows unexpectedly for each new owner, Ashley and Morgan are more and more determined to find a proper home for such an unusual article of clothing. The surprise solution vibrantly and beautifully illustrated by Ben Quesnel ends up a delight to readers, making this award-winning fantasy tale an instant classic.

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