Kohana: A Native American Creation Myth by J.E. Rogers

Kohana: A Native American Creation Myth

Written By: J.E. Rogers

Illustrated By: Guy Atherfold

Narrated By: Suzanne Flores

Length: 21 mins

ISBN: 9780983094593

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The Great Spirit created a beautiful world where the prairies, the rolling hills, and the high mountains are home to all manner of marvelous creatures. Kohana lives here too. He is a mischievous young wolf who is learning about the world around him. One day, he sees an animal unlike any other; an animal that roams the plains on two legs. When Kohana asks the Great Spirit what this beast is, he gets a thunderous response. “Do not go near the Two-legs!” This answer does not satisfy the young pup, and he is determined to discover more. This exciting, beautifully illustrated story is based on a Native American creation myth. Myth has always played an important role in helping humans to understand and explain the unexplainable. Kohana will help us understand how the wolf became man’s best friend-the dog. For more information, visit author and book website here.

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