Answers in the Form of Questions


Answers in the Form of Questions
By: McNear, Claire

2020 | Hardcover


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For 36 years, Jeopardy! has been a TV mainstay. In that time, it has become a deeply entrenched American tradition and the sort of cross-generational touchstone the likes of which are few and far between in modern television–a show beloved by everyone from Solange Knowles to George Clooney to the Auburn Tigers … [This book] will delve into the world of the trivia fanatics who spend years training for their chance to compete on Jeopardy!, drilling themselves on Norse mythology and isotopes and rigging homemade buzzers to perfect the art of ringing in. Jeopardy! is a beloved institution in a moment of profound transition. America’s favorite quiz show, which has deviated very little in all its years on the air, is about to see a great deal of change. [This book] is a moment to celebrate everything that has made the show such an enduring success, from Merv Griffin and Art Fleming to the present, as well as a look at the future and what lies ahead.

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