About College talks

Welcome to the College Talks blog! College Talks is sponsored by podcast host Hanna’s company Mybookcart.com. The show brings together students, parents, and professionals sharing their voices on a variety of college topics. Guests include college students, financial advisors, authors, admissions advisors, college parents, specialists, and many more who talk about their experiences and advice on succeeding in college.

Are you a college student or recent graduate?  Be a guest on the College Talks podcast and share your story with Hanna and Cari. Our goal is to create a platform where we can provide information on various topics relating to college from a student’s perspective.  It’s students helping students.

Please fill out our application form if you would like to be a guest on our podcast and have a conversation about one of these topics.
Our current Podcast topics include:
1. College Life
2. Paying for College
3. Parents Attending College
4. Studying
5. College Tips
6. Finding a Job after College
7. Continuing Education